Why Is Print Marketing So Important?

print marketing

Why should you invest in print marketing?

Because the benefits are endless. Your customers will remember your content, your printed ads will circulate, and you’ll grow stronger relationships with your customers.

In need of refreshed marketing? Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of print ads.

Printed Ads Last Longer

Since your ad is printed in a physical item, like a brochure or a flyer, your content will last longer.

From the time it’s printed to the time it takes to get to your customer’s hands, your ad lasts. It even continues living on until a reader finally discards their print copy.

The issue with digital ads is that they’re temporary and often impersonal. The personal aspect of a printed ad is that it stays with your reader until it’s passed on. Your ad stays consistent and clear and your customers will return to it when they please. 

A physical product lasts until it’s recycled or thrown away—meaning your physical ads last all the way up to that point.

Readers Engage With Printed Content Differently

Think about the demographics and cookies the internet uses to bring you ads that relate to all of the content you look at often. It becomes a narrow, specific variety of ads that pertain only to you.

While this is a benefit for some, not everyone feels the same way. Since a reader will pick up a physical copy of something they enjoy, like a flyer devoted to fashion, those printed ads will reflect the topic.

This creates a different range for your customer’s enjoyment—it’s not the same ad content they see every day on digital platforms.

Because of the different content provided to your readers, their interest will be piqued, causing them to spend more time with your printed ad. The best print marketing will intrigue a rare customer and cause them to consider your product due to the refreshing new ad content they’re reading.

Take advantage of print marketing and provide your readers with an ad that prompts them to buy out of their ordinary.

People Remember Printed Ads Better

The digital world is full of distractions. When browsing the internet or social media, readers find hundreds of ads, links, and brands vying for attention.

The interactive digital content can be overwhelming to some, causing them to avoid ads altogether.

This means less interaction for your brand and more stress on your customers. Stick to print ads, which will, in turn, stick in your readers’ minds.

When readers are scanning flyers or brochures, they have to physically move through your ad as they interact with the message. This uses more brain processing and invokes memory retention.

The benefit of using print marketing is that your readers will remember your ad much easier than a digital ad they quickly scroll through on their device. Your ad will leave a lasting impression when it’s in print form from a print marketing company in a reader’s hands.

Print Marketing Is More Personal

Social media ads cater to everyone, meaning that they’re not personal to your readers. If you see a digital ad for cleaning supplies, it’s usually because you visited a site that sells cleaning supplies.

Digital ads are only an afterthought for what your customers have already researched. When creating a printed ad, you have the opportunity to convince your reader that your brand is worth their newfound attention.

It becomes much more personal when a printed ad is created by someone who cares and reaches out to new potential customers.

The methods of printed ads can also be much more personal than digital options as well. Since printed ads come in the form of a physical copy, your readers will feel valued and sought out, rather than apathetic towards countless digital ads.

Print marketing is much more personal to your readers because of the obvious effort and thought you put into creating them.

Printed Ads Are More Cost-Effective

Since a single printed ad can reach hundreds of people, the cost-effectiveness of this means that your ads are generating revenue by just sitting on a table or being hung up in a coffee shop.

A printed ad will have more life and will make its rounds to get your brand’s message out there and raise awareness.

Because digital ads can be extremely costly, sticking to printed ads will get you more views for your money. This makes this method cost-effective and reusable.

You Use Your Whole Body to Read a Printed Ad

Your reader isn’t just reading your printed ad. They’re seeing it, processing it, smelling it, and touching it. They’re using their entire body to take in your content.

The benefit of this is that your reader indulges in your ad and remembers it well. When they’re scrolling through their phone or laptop, they’re only able to see a digital ad. The other interactions of touching, holding, smelling a physical ad are all lost.

Using every sense to read a printed ad will cause your reader to recall your ad later. The interactive experience of using multiple senses to process one printed ad will benefit both your brand and your customer.

Some Methods of Printed Ads to Try

With printed ads, your options are endless when it comes to finding great print marketing ideas. Some of these include brochures, business cards, and flyers.


Leave a well-informed, lasting impression with a vivid brochure. Telling potential customers about your brand will be made even easier with a descriptive, eye-catching brochure. 

Aim to create an eye-catching presentation with a brochure.

Business Cards

One big benefit of business cards is that it’s connected to building relationships with customers. You’ll leave a lasting impression by giving someone a business card that tells them about your brand.

Start a conversation with a potential customer and pass them a business card—they’ll come across it again in their pocket or bag later.


Spread the word by hanging flyers up wherever you can. Putting your brand in bold colors and fonts will catch a reader’s eye and cause them to register your flyer.

Flyers can be an extremely effective way to market your brand. Stick out by designing something unique pertaining to your brand only.

Rejuvenate Your Brand With Print Marketing

While digital ads are commonly found in every aspect of an internet presence, nothing compares to print marketing.

The benefits of taking the time to create a physical ad are endless and are a great way to draw valuable relationships with customers closer to you.

If you’re ready to get a physical ad started, take a look at our services. We’d be happy to begin a new project with you!