How Print Media Can Raise Awareness For Your Next Event

promotional signs

Although we’re living in a digital world, it’s important to remember that print media isn’t dead. Investing in event signs for high-traffic areas can even be more effective than digital ads because you’ll be standing out from competitors!

Promo signs can be bold ways to announce a new brand, product, or upcoming event that you want people in your local area to know about. Even better, people who are exposed to your signage multiple times may be more likely to call your number or visit your website in order to learn more. 

Read on to learn all the benefits of promotional signs for your next event and our recommendations on how to create the best ones in the Tampa Bay Area! 

What Are the Benefits of Promotional Signs? 

Large promotional signs for event awareness can be a big investment, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to make sure that they will benefit your business even after the banners are taken down. You’ll be pleased to learn that besides bringing awareness of events, they also come with a number of benefits that can lead to tangible ROI: 

Quick to Order

People often assume that ordering large promotional signs may take too long, and they won’t be up in time for the event. However, banners are relatively quick to order and print for most printing companies. They can also be quick to design, as simple design layouts do better on large banners rather than signs crowded with too much text and graphical elements. 

Constant Exposure

It’s important to find a crowded area filled with people that may be interested in your event in order to achieve the maximum ROI. Once you find this location, your promo signs will work with your 24/7 without any additional fees. This constant exposure to your brand is one of the main benefits of physical signage.

People may also see the banner multiple times. Through the mere-exposure effect, they may become more interested in the event or what your business has to offer. If your business has a physical location nearby, this will help you even more. 

Brand Recognition

One of the main benefits of business signage for events or marketing is that you’ll be able to stand out from competitors. It’s important to choose designs that are bold and eye-catching. Moreover, you’ll want to include your logo as well as your brand’s color palette in order to make a lasting impact. 

With these elements in place along with a clear message, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from competitors in the area. This is because businesses these days are often only focusing on digital marketing while ignoring the benefits of print media. 


Another important aspect of promo signs that people don’t recognize is the fact that they’re flexible and adaptable. Signs made from vinyl are able to withstand harsh weather if they’re installed correctly outside. Plus, they can be mounted either on the side of the road or on buildings for maximum visibility.

On the other hand, banners that are hung inside can come in a variety of sizes and shapes in order to match the aesthetic of the building. For instance, if you want to hang your promo sign in a luxurious office building, you can opt to have it stand unobtrusively near the entrance with a more muted and modern design. 

Multiple Functions

If you have a small business that’s still beginning to grow, investing in a promo sign may not be worth it if you have to put an event date on it. This is because once the date passes, it’s essentially useless to you. However, you can reuse old signs by opting not to put the date and instead make sure that your website or phone number is apparent. 

Smaller signs can even have a QR code printed on them so that people who are interested can scan the code with their phone. The code can take them to a web page that is updated depending on the event or specials you’re currently running. 

Strategic Signage

Now that you know some of the benefits of promo signs, how do you ensure that they’re designed to the best of your ability? It’s all about starting out with a plan and following through with it. 

Make a Budget

No matter how large or small your marketing budget is, it’s important that you have one. Realistic goals will help you use the banner to the best of your ability. For instance, if you only have the budget for a smaller banner, this means that you’ll want to place it indoors instead of on the side of a building. 

Set a Goal

It’s important that you have a goal in mind other than “brand awareness.” Although making people more aware of your brand is important, there’s also no way to measure whether your signage is a success.

Instead, set tangible goals such as 50 more calls a month or 20 sign-ups to your event. You’ll be able to be more intentional about your design choices with tangible goals. Moreover, you can make a determination about whether your physical marketing was a success!

Create an Experience

Last but not least, it’s important that your signage has a visual impact by telling a story. This can be done through impactful imagery, a message that people can relate to, or share-worthy graphics. Beyond just printing your logo on a banner, consider whether people would be motivated to tell their friends and family about what they saw. 

Increasing Brand Awareness With Smart Signage

When it comes to promotional signs, success is all about the strategy you have in place. With clear goals about what you want to happen with your print media, you’ll be able to make better designs about the design and placement of your signage.

Even better, working with a reputable printing company will ensure that you’re receiving high-quality materials for your investment. Ready to make the jump and create an impact in St. Pete, Tampa, or Largo? Contact us today to see how we can help!