According to the late, great actress Mae West, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” Certainly, it’s important not to over-indulge or to be wasteful. But at the same time, some things actually improve in value the more you acquire. When it comes to specialty printing and embroidery, that is certainly the case. And at Big T Printing & Embroidery, our goal is always to provide each and every one of our customers exceptional value. 

When it comes to many of our specialty services, a number of costs must be considered when determining the best price possible. And in many instances, higher volume can mean lower cost per unit. That means we can pass these cost savings onto you while also enhancing the quality and number of services we provide. For this reason, many printing services require minimum quantities to be ordered so exceptional customer value can be preserved. By understanding a bit more about our services, you can appreciate why this is true.

Scaling Upwards to Improve Our Printing and Embroidery Services

At Big T Printing & Embroidery, we offer a number of specialized services. These include screen printing, heat applied vinyl, and dye sublimation for apparel printing in addition to detailed graphic designs and embroidery. Each one of these are unique and require special considerations. The following provides some basic understanding of what’s involved with each of these services and the minimum units we require when placing an order. 

  • Screen Printing – While you may realize screen printing requires pushing ink through a screen stencil to create a specific apparel design, you may not appreciate that each specific color requires its own stencil. In fact, each of these stencils must be designed separately before being used. As a result, a minimum unit requirement for these types of investments is set at 12 or more units in total. 
  • Heat Applied Vinyl – Like screen printing, heat applied vinyl requires a cutting file design before the design is applied to the vinyl transfer. Likewise, the design must also be scaled to the product being considered. These tasks naturally require additional labor and equipment costs, and therefore, the best value for these services are realized when several units are ordered at once. Therefore, our minimum quantity for this service is 6 or more units for each order. 
  • Dye Sublimation – Though less involved from a design perspective, dye sublimation demands a highly specialized printer that creates photo-quality images. Different colored sheets of film are heated, which results in their colors being vaporized so they can then permeate the products surface. Dye sublimation is therefore much more sophisticated than dot printers and much higher in quality. And because of the costs involved, a minimum of 48 units per order is required. 
  • Heat Transfers, Embroidery and Graphic Design – While not all of these services have a required minimum order, more complex designs and services may. Here again, greater value is realized as larger quantities are ordered. This allows us to offer you exceptional service at a very reasonable price that would otherwise not be possible. 

Higher Quantity, Lower Prices, Better Quality

From a basic economies of scale perspective, a greater quantity of units ordered provides customers the opportunity to enjoy lower overall prices. But at Big T Printing & Embroidery, that is not the only advantage. Larger quantity orders and order minimums enable us to obtain better equipment and highly skilled team members. In turn, this heightens the quality of our work across the board, and at the same time, allows us to offer more specialized services other printing companies can’t. 

At Big T Printing & Embroidery, everything we do takes into consideration our customers’ needs first. Todd Moore and the rest of the team are committed to ensuring each person receives not only high-quality services and personalized attention, but they also insist on offering advanced services at value pricing. Though this requires that minimum quantity orders are needed for some services, it also means better overall value and customer satisfaction. Regardless of what your printing and embroidery needs may be, Big T Printing & Embroidery will always strive to provide you with the greatest value possible. Come see us today, and let the value of our services speak for themselves!