7 Reasons Why Custom Branding With Embroidery Is Ideal for Marketing

custom branding

When you’re looking for a way to expand your marketing strategy, consider custom embroidery. When you embroider your logo on company clothes, uniforms, and other garments, you build brand awareness. Anywhere your employee goes, they’ll be carrying the brand with them — and that’s not the only benefit. Curious to learn more? Read on to learn 7 reasons why custom branding with embroidery is ideal for marketing!

1. Build Company Loyalty with Custom Embroidery

When you ask your employees to wear clothing featuring your company’s logo, it’s an easy way to create unity. Provide polo shirts, baseball caps, or t-shirts to employees for personal wear. Doing this will help employees feel a sense of belonging — even outside the office. 

Give new employees an embroidered t-shirt or offer an embroidered hoodie as a holiday party gift. Because embroidery exudes a sense of quality, your employees will want to wear the company hoodie to run errands. And the premium look of embroidery will speak well of your company.

2. Your Employees Will Look Sharp 

What’s another reason to get custom branding? Marketing materials with embroidery look sharp. The raised texture of the thread and rich colors always looks good on a jacket or polo. 

Embroidery has a long history as a method of adding decorative flourishes to textiles. And with clothing, it adds that same sense of polish that will make even a humble t-shirt look better. Your team will be eager to wear quality clothing that represents their company. 

Embroider the company name on aprons, hats, and shirt collars. When everyone at your business is wearing the same professional uniform, you’ll project a sense of refinement. And that will impress customers. 

3. Custom Branding Builds Brand Awareness

Having a professional website and an active social media campaign are critical marketing strategies. But embroidered clothing may help you reach a different audience. With custom branding on jackets, t-shirts, and bags, you’ll build brand awareness.

If you hand out hoodies or duffle bags at your next event, you’re giving your employees a wearable advertisement. Any time they wear what you give them, they’ll lift up your marketing campaign. And they’ll offer an instant talking point when friends and acquaintances see your brand name.

You could add web addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information to your embroidery selection. Remember that wearing company clothing is like becoming a walking billboard. Take advantage of the opportunity to share more about your organization!

4. Embroidery is a Durable Choice

Not only does embroidery look sharp, but it’s also durable. The tightness of the stitching ensures that your logo isn’t going anywhere. While this process can be done by hand, it typically is done by machine. 

The embroidery machine will use a design file to reproduce the design on the fabric. The end result is stitched into the fabric with thread.

While a silkscreened logo will look good, too, it won’t last as long. That’s because the ink will be printed onto the fabric. It won’t be embedded into the fabric, like embroidery.

Eventually, the ink will fade or start to flake off the shirt after a lot of washes. Embroidery, on the other hand, will stand up to lots of laundry cycles. And it will still look fresh and vibrant!

5. Get Quality Results with Custom Embroidery 

With a quality embroidering service, you’ll get long-lasting, professional results. Colorfast threads and current embroidering equipment combine to create a polished look. And with experts at the helm, you’ll get the best input on how to make your vision a reality.

If you want to include a company slogan on a shirt, for instance, you’ll get input as to the optimal shirt material and location for the text. You don’t need to be a design rockstar to get a quality look. Your trusted St. Pete printing services can guide you toward a look that fits your budget and looks good!

6. Embroider on Lots of Different Materials 

From jackets to polos, embroidery can go more places than you may think. You don’t need to stick with t-shirts if you’re hoping to embroider your brand on other items. 

Tote bags, backpacks, and even socks are prime real estate for classy custom branding. And you can change things up with specialty threads or unique color combinations. When in doubt, ask which materials work best with embroidery when you’re figuring out options. 

7. Custom Embroidery Can Be Personalized 

With embroidery, you’re not limited to pre-set designs. You can customize the colors, scale, and style of your text or logo. It pays to ask skilled designers for input so you can have a crisp logo that reflects your organization — and looks good on fabric. 

You don’t have to stick with the logo or company name alone, either. Consider adding employee names next to your company logo on uniforms or jackets. This extra touch looks great and helps to personalize each garment.

To go a step further, look into adding more text to explain what your company does. For instance, on the back of the jacket, you could include your mission statement. You could even add a design, insignia, or another image to fill up the space.

Enhance Your Marketing Materials with Embroidery

Custom branding can set you apart from the competition. While digital marketing plays a vital role in increasing brand visibility, good old-fashioned embroidery can get the job done, too. When you provide people connected to your organization with an embroidered garment, you get a free — and professional — advertisement.

Get a leg up on the competition. For all your embroidering and printing projects, contact us!