7 Helpful Tips For Building Your Company’s Brand

building a brand

Does the word “brand” bring to mind one of those snappy advertising jingles you hear on the radio? The truth is, your brand is a vital cornerstone for your business.

Statistics show that over 70 percent of today’s consumers will most likely commit to brands that they know well. That’s why it’s important for you to see how building a brand is essential to your company’s continued success.

You can find out more on the best ways to build a brand to establish your company’s identity. Create this identity and you will ensure fast growth in your company’s future days. 

Why Company Branding Is So Important 

The most recognized brands on the market today create lasting impressions on their target audience’s psyche. A buyer will recognize these goods and their companies and connect with them on an emotional level.

Developing a brand can attract loyal followers because they will soon know what to expect from your product and that they can trust you. 

An awesome brand will also help you appeal to your future workforce who will want to work for your company and become a part of your recognized name.

Potential business partners will also seek you out because of your positive reputation. Investors will want to collaborate with you because they want to share your name. 

Branding History: Where It All Began 

Back in the 1950s, brand names like Proctor and Gamble and Coca-Cola designed what we call brand management science. These businesses knew how to target a customer and find out what was important to them.

Once they identified what emotional values customers had for a product, they would create product identities based on these values.

During the next few decades, marketing and branding activities reached new levels with other companies like Tide and Lipton.

These two companies brought in higher customer loyalty as well as profits because they recognized customer values before their competition did.  

Both of these companies knew that they could charge higher prices for their product if their customers knew that they were offering the best value as compared to the competition. 

You too can build and promote a strong brand that a potential customer will identify with. Consider the following steps to building a brand and your business will reach a higher potential.

Tips for Building a Brand 

The first step to business branding is to identify what elements your products and company name.

Consider a brand as your calling card that broadcasts who you are and what customers can expect when they are in business with you. Consider these tips to building a brand that will help you establish your foundation. 

1. Outline What’s Important to You

The first step in your business branding strategy should be to highlight your company’s values. Why are you in this line of business? Build a brand that mirrors what you think is important so that it aligns with your company’s priorities. 

Make sure you link your company’s mission to your brand. That way you can show your target markets why you are the best choice to help them meet their needs. 

2. Know the Customer

Understand the customer’s values and desires. That way you can develop a persuasive brand that keeps their loyalty and guarantees their return visit. 

What does your customer need right now and will that need change in the future? If you know how to appeal to a buyer, you can adjust your branding strategy for marketing to them well into the future. 

3. Design a Trademark or Logo 

A trademark reflects your brand’s individual identity. Design a unique logo that’s unlike any other logo you’ll see in today’s market.

A logo’s shapes, colors, and words should have a positive customer experience design (CX design.) A CX design trademark will influence customers throughout their buying process and have them consider you as the best choice.

That’s why it’s important to come up with a custom design that can reflect your individuality. 

4. Incorporate Trademarks Into Digital Branding

Integrate your trademark’s fonts, color, and shapes with all of your communication portals that you plan to use. This includes any digital properties you might have.

Incorporate this trademark into your website and social media platforms for a consistent presence. 

5. Don’t Forget Your Print Materials…

Integrate your CX-designed trademark throughout the other communication vehicles your business uses. This includes your print marketing efforts as well.

Print marketing efforts can range anywhere from business cards to employee uniforms. Be sure these items use this same logo as well. 

A consistent branding plan will help you avoid sending misleading or confusing messages and get instant recognition.

6. Know What Your Competitors Are Doing

Tide and Lipton knew what they were doing. They learned early that if knew what their competitors could (or couldn’t) do, their brands could outpace these other businesses.

Research what doesn’t work for your competitors. That way you can avoid making those same mistakes.

7. Schedule Some Time to Build a Brand

It’s not hard to forget about building a brand throughout the course of your busy work schedule. With all of your day-to-day obligations, it might be tempting to think that it can fend for itself.

The truth is, branding is an important investment in your business. So make sure you budget some time to watch what your competitors are doing.

Research the current branding trends in today’s market. Make some adjustments in response to some of your customer’s feedback. 

What Are Your Next Steps? 

Building a brand is a time-consuming exercise. You might consider hiring marketing professionals that provide you branding guidance throughout the CX design creation process.

You can also find professionals that will help you promote your brand through your printed materials and digital properties.

That’s where we come in. Let us help you develop creative printed items that help strengthen your brand. Call us today so that we can get started!