5 Ways Employee Uniforms Can Impact Your Restaurant Brand

employee uniforms

Are you considering implementing an employee uniform at your restaurant? Many popular restaurants have some sort of uniform or dress code for their employees. So, if you’re thinking about it, you’re in good company.

In a survey about uniforms at work, people compared uniforms with TV and billboards. About 3/4 of participants preferred uniforms for advertising. Seeing uniformed employees will help customers instantly recognize your brand.

Employee uniforms make a good impression and help customers remember good times. But they do much more. Here are some ways uniforms can have a bigger impact.

A Quick History of Restaurant Employee Uniforms

Stops along the Santa Fe railroad in the 1880s were some of the first places in the U.S. to see restaurant uniforms in use. By the 1920s and ’30s, they had become the standard. The arrival of the first chain-restaurants helped establish them as an expectation.

Restaurant uniforms helped define a new service profession. In the early 1900s, most industries were defining their own uniforms.

By the 1940s, various professions had created signature looks. Their appearance offered instant identity and added an air of professionalism. 

Everyone from pilots to corner grocers began branding their look. They did this to appeal to their respective markets. Wearing uniforms demonstrated a sense of authority and belonging.

The restaurant industry around Tampa Bay and elsewhere has continued this trend. It applies in both formal and informal dining. 

In upscale environments, unisex bowties and black slacks are common. Chain restaurants and independent eateries often use branded t-shirts. Paired with jeans, they help create a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Whether formal or informal, restaurant uniforms will stay popular. Their branding power is tremendous. Even with the disruption that covid-19 has caused, there is no sign that uniforms will go away any time soon.

Plus, customers expect them. Wouldn’t it be shocking if they vanished from Tampa Bay or St. Pete venues? “Weird” would be an understatement!

How Employee Uniforms Can Benefit Your Restaurant

Having a uniform can help a restaurant stand out from the crowd. This list delves into reasons why a uniform adds value. It applies whether your restaurant is a formal 5-star or a food truck.

1.Making a Professional Appearance

A professional appearance will help you get repeat business. Establishing customer loyalty is not too difficult if your image is credible.

For a restaurant, this means good food, pleasant wait staff, good wait times. Plus, an attractive logo that goes on everything.

Uniforms are great visual advertising for your restaurant. In and of themselves, even without having any logos or marketing printed on them, they work. The overall image is what’s important.

They may remind older customers of happy times when they were children, for example. It’s common to expect a restaurant’s atmosphere to feel a certain way. Employee dress is a subtle but important part of creating the vibe.

Certain restaurants have always kept a certain look for their employees, for years. This continuity of appearance helps reinforce the quality that customers expect. It always brings them back next time.

2. Creating a Sense of Belonging and Pride

Employee uniforms can boost morale and productivity. They create a sense of belonging among team members.

Being a team member is psychologically healthy and increases job satisfaction. The consensus is that collaboration increases when staff wears work-specific clothing. 

Being identified as an employee positions staff as experts. It gives them authority in their role. This can, in turn, provide confidence and a sense of pride in their work.

3. Great Branding and Advertising

It’s easy to incorporate business branding into uniform design. Adding your logo and slogan to employee uniforms is a practical way to advertise.

Sometimes popular chain restaurants take their uniform marketing to the next level. By selling branded apparel in their restaurant gift shops, they extend the reach of their advertising.

Satisfied customers can now buy souvenirs to commemorate their special life occasions. Restaurants that do this increase brand loyalty with an excellent return on investment.

4. Safety and Practicality for Staff

Beyond the benefits of uniform branding, employee attire can help keep staff safe on the job. The food industry has developed practical clothing that protects workers from work-related injuries.

By providing protective clothing to employees, restaurants may reduce workers’ comp claims. This is an inexpensive investment that also increases employee job satisfaction.

5. Building Credibility With Customers

Besides helping to create repeat business, restaurant branding builds credibility. Customers love to see the logo of their favorite restaurant out in the Tampa Bay community. The reason? It reminds them of happy times.

As businesses, restaurants often strive to be good neighbors. They sponsor events like golf tournaments, school athletics, or other local contests.

They may also participate in food fairs by setting up a booth or donating meals to local charities. The key is to provide pleasant interactions with friendly and confident uniformed staff.

Community outreach opportunities help increase visibility for your brand. Having everyone wear your logo helps customers associate your restaurant with goodwill.

Create Your Restaurant Uniforms With Us

Having a uniform for your employees can help you establish your business brand in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Employee uniforms unite your team and convey a sense of identity and professionalism.

When you need a uniform for your employees, we can help. We are a full-service screen printing and branding company that serves the St. Petersburg area.

Over the years, we have created uniforms for schools and small businesses. We pay attention to the smallest details. If you would like to find out more about our services or request a quote, contact us here.