Why You Should Use Banner Advertising for Your Business in St Petersburg Florida

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In the digital age, companies are starting to overlook the importance of real, tactile marketing endeavors. Print marketing still plays an important role in your business, and it’s time to invest in printed materials once more. Today, we’re going to take a look at one type of print marketing that can make a huge impact on the success of your small business. We’re talking about designing, printing, and hanging custom banners. If you’re running a business in St. Petersburg Florida and don’t have any banners (or haven’t updated them in some time), this one is for you!

Read on for tons of compelling reasons and statistics that will get you excited about banners again.

Banners Increase Visibility

One thing that St. Pete business owners should never overlook is the importance of foot traffic. Why? St. Petersburg was voted one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the entire state, which means that we still have an opportunity to make spontaneous in-person connections. 

If you want to turn all of those strolling passersby into customers, you’re going to have to catch their eye. Banners hung in windows, lawns, and storefronts guarantee that people will 1) notice your business and 2) understand what it is. When you improve your visibility in these ways, you get a lot more walk-ins–and we all know that people are more likely to walk out with a purchase than empty-handed.

Banners Boost Brand Awareness

Did you know that by increasing visibility, you’re still boosting your business even when people glance at your signage and keep on walking? That’s because your banners, especially the ones with great logo placement, are contributing to a factor called brand awareness by a whopping 47.7%.

Brand awareness is the first step toward earning a new customer. Consumers are far more likely to shop with a company they recognize, even if only by name or logo. When people walk past your banners over and over again, they start to commit that information to memory, which means that they’ll feel more open to and comfortable with your business.

Banners Are Versatile

To view a social media campaign, consumers have to be on a smartphone or computer. The same goes for email campaigns, digital newsletters, and blog posts. While you can do a lot with digital marketing, it does become isolated to certain digital spaces.

Banners, on the other hand, can be hung just about anywhere. Let’s say you run one of St. Pete’s fine construction companies. You can hang your banner outside of every construction site you work on so that people far and wide know your work.

This versatility isn’t just about placement. You can also design banners to promote your brand, promote a sale, promote a new product–you name it. If you can dream up a design, you can put it on a banner.

Banners Help You Reach Your Target Audience

There’s a reason why the experts are encouraging small business owners, in particular, to embrace print marketing. Unlike those major companies that sell their products all over the world, small businesses are community-oriented. The people who buy your products or services are the people that live down the street from you–they’re your own neighbors.

Digital campaigns tend to be far-reaching. You might invest a lot of money only to discover that you’re reaching a wider audience than you intend to serve.

Print campaigns are localized. You hang your banners in the spaces where your own customers shop, relax, and hang out. You can’t help but reach your target audience when you use banners to promote your small business.

Banners Are Easy and Affordable to Print

Getting into banner-making doesn’t require learning a whole new set of skills. In fact, you can partner with a great printing company that will take care of most of the hard work for you. You provide the design (or we can assist you in creating one), we provide the banners, and you decide where to hang them to best serve your business–it’s as simple as that!

Not only are banners easy to design and print but they’re also an affordable option. Even if you don’t have a massive marketing budget, you can afford to print a few (or several) banners for your business. As you can see, with increased foot traffic and improved brand awareness, the investment you make into banner marketing will come with a satisfactory ROI.

Banners Are Durable

Some business owners in St. Petersburg worry about using outdoor signage because the weather patterns can become so extreme. For example, St. Pete does get more rainfall per year than a lot of other areas in the country. Will outdoor signage hold up?

Banners are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Strong materials can withstand things like wind and rain so that you can continue to use your banners in the months ahead, no matter the season. This is great news when you want to use your banners all over town, and don’t want to go around collecting your signage every time a storm cloud builds.

Invest in Print Marketing for Your Small Business in St Petersburg Florida

In the digital age, print marketing is still an important asset for any small business. In St Petersburg Florida, you won’t want to miss out on the benefits of creating a banner marketing campaign. From increasing visibility to standing up to tough weather, banners are the way to go for your business this year.

Not sure how or where to get started? We’ve got you covered at Big T Printing, St. Petersburg’s most trusted business for screenprinting, embroidery, and more. 

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