Those who know Big T Printing and Embroidery appreciate the commitment and dedication that they assign to customer service and quality work. These reflect foundational values of the company that have awarded owner Todd Moore and his team great success throughout the Tampa Bay area. But you may not appreciate the degree of commitment that Big T Printing invests in supporting the community at large. This is evident not only in how they treat customers and clients each and every day but likewise in other community activities as well.

For Big T Printing and Embroidery, being a part of a community means giving back and sharing good fortunes with others in need. It means maintaining a clear focus on what truly matters in life, and it means unselfishly doing what needs to be done for the good of everyone. Todd Moore instills these values within his team as part of his normal business approach. And in addition, he also furthers this vision through a variety of charitable activities in the St. Petersburg area.

Supporting Our Veterans – The Annual Reunion of the Battle of Fallujah

Many may not know about the Battle of Fallujah, but it represents one of the costliest battles throughout the entire Iraq War. Occupied by more than 4,000 jihadist insurgents, the city of Fallujah was a springboard for car bombs and terrorist attacks on nearby Baghdad. Because of this threat, roughly 8,000 well-trained marines launched an attack to take back Fallujah in 2004. Though successful, casualties were notable. Among U.S. forces and Iraqi allies, almost 100 deaths and nearly 500 wounded resulted from weeks of brutal fighting, suicide bombers, and booby traps.

For the past 15 years, annual reunions honoring fallen marines and the wounded during the Battle of Fallujah have taken place. These reunions occur all over the country, and St. Petersburg honors and supports these brave men and their families as well. In this regard, Big T Printing and Embroidery proudly participates and sponsors in the annual reunion locally and will continue to do so. This support aligns perfectly with Todd Moore’s vision and values related to a strong community both locally and among our nation’s armed forces.

Supporting All Communities – Reunite The Fight Fundraiser

For many veterans, the comradery and brotherhood that they experience while on tour is lost upon their return. Strong bonds develop in situations of adversity and shared struggles, and these may be difficult to replicate after service has been completed. At the same time, veterans may also feel they lack purpose on returning to the states. In an effort to address these issues while also empowering communities, Reunite The Fight strives to challenge veterans to serve communities in need and to recreate and renew these networks.

For Todd Moore and Big T Printing and Embroidery, an opportunity to support veterans and communities in need represents an ideal situation. So, it’s no surprise that Big T Printing also participates in Reunite The Fight fundraiser in the St. Petersburg area. This year, Big T Printing will be a proud sponsor of the non-profit organization’s golfing tournament at Pasadena Yacht and Country Club. This reflects yet another way that Todd and his team is able to give back to the community he loves and respects.

A Personal and Professional Passion for Community

For Todd Moore, his passion for community and helping those in need is instinctual. In addition to growing up with a father who worked as a social services worker, Todd has volunteered in a number of charitable activities. From working with delinquent youth to coaching scholastic sports, he appreciates the value of giving to others. And as an Army veteran and prior Nike representative for military bases throughout the Middle East, he appreciates the support many military personnel need. This is what continues to strengthen his commitment to community.

These same values permeate the culture at Big T Printing and Embroidery allowing clients and customers to easily recognize the business’ priorities. As a result, you will receive not only the best in quality printing and embroidering but likewise the highest level of integrity and honesty. For apparel designs and images as well as quality printing for signs, banners and marketing materials, Big T Printing and Embroidery is your community partner. And by supporting local businesses, you can help Todd and others continue in their efforts in helping the Tampa Bay area communities thrive.