You know when the Florida summer has arrived once the daily afternoon showers begin to appear. Seemingly overnight, the crisp, pleasant air turns hot and humid reminiscent of a tropical jungle. Therefore, staying cool and dry is quite the challenge through the Florida summer months. Fortunately, some apparel fabrics are better in this regard than others. And Big T Printing and Embroidery can help you better appreciate which ones might be right for you.

At Big T Printing and Embroidery, we are experts when it comes to various types of apparel. This is important when it comes to Florida summers since finding clothes that can keep you feeling comfortable can be challenging. Over the years, we have designed, printed and embroidered all types of fabrics and apparel. And with this in mind, the following 5 fabrics are among the best when it comes to keeping you cool in the hot, humid Florida summer climate.

  • Cotton Apparel– When it comes to staying cool in the Florida summer heat, cotton remains a great option. For one, cotton absorbs moisture well, which is certainly a benefit. Likewise, cotton fabrics are soft and lightweight as well as breathable. However, cotton may not be the best for athletics or activities associated with excessive sweating. Because cotton allows slow evaporation of moisture to occur, excessive sweat becomes quickly uncomfortable.
  • Linen Apparel – Like cotton, linen materials are comfortable and lightweight, and in fact, it is very breathable because of its loose weave. This feature of linen lets heat easily escape your body preventing you from feeling like a thermal oven. In addition, linen also dries very quickly once moist, which is another favorable quality. However, linen does have limited absorptive capacity, which makes it better for an outdoor, casual picnic than it does for bicycling the trails.
  • Wool Apparel – At first thought, wool might not be at the top of your list when thinking about the ideal summer fabric. However, wool does have some advantages in the right setting. For one, clothing made of lightweight wool is very comfortable and breathable. Likewise, wool does not trap in sweat odors like other fabrics. Finally, wool does allow moisture to be slowing released similar to cotton. Thus, depending on the type of activity being considered, wool might be a good option for the Florida summer heat.
  • Nylon and Polyester Apparel – These synthetic fabrics have long been described as being ideal for the Florida summer heat. And both nylon and polyester offer clothing that is lightweight and breathable. At the same time, these fabrics wick moisture away from the skin and allow it to quickly evaporate, which can help keep you dry. But nylon and polyester do have some downsides. Both poorly absorb moisture, which can be a problem for excessive sweating. And both can trap in odors and feel rather sticky, which are certainly not attractive features. Thus, nylon and polyester can certainly be appropriate for some occasions, but they may not be for others.
  • Rayon Apparel – Like nylon and polyester, rayon is a synthetic fabric composed of cellulose fibers that may also contain components of cotton. This fabric is extremely breathable and composed of very thin fibers, and it doesn’t stick to the skin when moist. Best of all, rayon also permits moisture to wick away from the skin and quickly evaporate – keeping you dry. And with slightly better absorptive capacity, rayon may indeed be the best option for athletics and other activities in the Florida summer heat.

Apparel Expertise that Goes Beyond Printing and Embroidery

Though many may not be aware of it, Todd Moore, owner of Big T Printing and Embroidery, has an extensive knowledge of the apparel industry. In fact, he spent many years working in Nike’s apparel division internationally. This, in addition to his experience in designing, printing, and embroidering uniforms, shirts, and other clothing attire for clients, has awarded him notable insights into various types of fabrics.

Given their vast knowledge and experience, Todd and the team at Big T Printing can help guide you in selecting the right fabric and apparel to meet your specific needs. Likewise, they can assist you in designing the right look for any event or activity. And when it comes to Florida summers, Todd and the team are also quite familiar with the local climate. This summer, make sure you stay cool by choosing the right clothing to wear. And when it comes to apparel printing and embroidering, look no further than Big T Printing and Embroidery for the best in quality service and customer excellence.