The Greatest Tips for Designing Interior Business Signs

interior business signs

There was a time not so long ago when business experts predicted the downfall of malls and brick-and-mortar stores. It’s true that online sales did put a dent in in-person shopping, but not for long.

Experts predict that by 2024, over 70% of retail purchases will be made in brick-and-mortar stores. If you have big dreams of running a traditional shop or business, now is the time to make those dreams come true!

However, you can’t rely on business trends to bring success to your business. You’ll also need the right tools to make your shop a hit, including interior business signs.

Read on for the best tips for designing interior business signs that will wow customers and enhance your marketing.

Start with Purpose

When we’re talking about interior business signs and banners, we’re not talking about one single type of signage. Instead, this is an umbrella term that includes all sorts of different signs, including:

  • Branding or evergreen signs
  • Sale signs
  • Aisle or display signs
  • Bathroom and exit signs
  • Seasonal signs

Before you start designing an interior business sign, start with the purpose you want that sign to fulfill.

For example, imagine that you’re creating an advertising sign for a specific product. In this case, the sign should stand out from others so that it draws attention to that product while revealing, in a clear and easily digestible way, the value of that product. As you can imagine, this sign is going to look a lot different than a holiday-themed sign or an aisle sign.

Consider Location

Once you know the purpose of your sign, it’s time to think about where you’re going to hang it. Will it be hanging from the ceiling above a display? Will you hang it above a shelf or on a big, open wall? 

Location will determine both the size of your sign and the level of visibility it will have. The smaller the sign is, the harder it will be to read or interpret from a distance, meaning that you should prioritize big, clear text or images over small details. The larger or more noticeable a sign is, the more details you can incorporate, but you don’t want to create visual overwhelm, so stick to a limited color scheme and no more than three or four fonts. 

Bring On the Branding

Did you know that branding is one of the most important things you can focus on as a new business owner? In fact, it’s the basis of increasing sales for businesses of all sizes. The simple truth is that a consumer who doesn’t know who you are or what your business is all about is probably going to pass over your store, whereas a consumer who recognizes your brand will feel more trust and confidence in your products.

If your logo is red and yellow, your signs should have a matching or complementary color scheme. If you use a certain font in all of your exterior signs, you should carry that font over into your interior evergreen signs. To create brand awareness, you need to practice cohesiveness and repetition in your designs. 

Draw the Eye

Interior business signs have the difficult job of competing with all sorts of visual stimuli, from the colors of your walls to the bright labels on your products. Whether the purpose of your signs is to help consumers navigate your store or to make them aware of the latest sale, it’s important that your signs draw the eye.

First and foremost, consider color contrast for visibility. If your walls are white, you may not want a sign with a white background that is going to blend in. When choosing text colors, make sure that they aren’t too close in shade or hue to the background, or consumers may not be able to read them easily. 

Use Clear Language

Even when your signs are large or have good visibility, the goal of an interior business sign is almost always to be seen from up close and far away. Unlike product labels or social media posts, the goal isn’t to jam as much information as possible into the allotted space. Instead, it’s to create a clear direction or desire in your in-person shoppers.

The best way to do this is to use clear, concise language that will inspire interest without a ton of context. For example, if you’re placing a sign over a sale rack, the sign could say something like, “Items for $10 or less,” rather than listing every product that’s on sale. Consumers will be able to read the language from afar and understand what the sign is meant to convey right away.

Prioritize Quality

When you want to succeed as a business owner, it’s important to provide consistent value to your consumers. Yes, that means offering great customer service and high-quality products, but it also means using high-quality signage that looks great and shows off your professionalism.

When you’re creating evergreen signs, it’s crucial that the materials you use and the printing process are both designed to stand up to the test of time. You don’t want them to start fading, peeling, or tearing after a few short months.

Even when you’re creating signs for short-term or temporary use, like banners for limited sales or holiday signage, they should still look great. At Big T Printing, we use the latest sign printing technology that pairs durable materials with vibrant colors to create the best business signs in Florida. 

Partner with Big T Printing for Interior Business Signs

Brick-and-mortar shops aren’t a thing of the past, as some business experts once predicted. In fact, we’re seeing a major boom in in-person shopping that we expect to continue into the future. As consumers begin to prioritize the joy of in-person shopping, it’s important that business owners create a great experience with quality interior business signs.

Big T Printing is proud to offer screen printing, embroidery, signs and banners, and promotional products for all of your business needs. Contact us so we can get started on your next order right away!