How Can You Increase Brand Awareness With Print Marketing?

increase brand awareness

Research shows that 95% of children’s apps contain marketing. The world is moving towards complete digitalization, and screens are bringing up many younger generations.

Yet, print marketing is still one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness. 

But what makes print marketing stand out from other marketing ideas?

Let’s dive into the importance of print marketing for increasing brand awareness and getting ahead of your competition. 

Is Print Marketing Dead?

Typically, people think of print and digital marketing as two different techniques. However, the best brands optimize the use of both methods for branding ideas. 

To keep it simple, print marketing refers to the physical product of advertising in newspapers, brochures, bags, and other items. Traditionally, print marketing was used to increase brand awareness. 

Not only is this kind of advertising crucial to getting your brand out there, but it helps convert browsers into buyers. Due to the high volume of digital marketing nowadays, it’s a breath of fresh air to see print marketing

Compared to the thousands of other brands competing for online attention, having a physical copy of your advertisement can help make a last impression on customers. 

And they are more likely to remember your business. 

Therefore, if you’re not already using print marketing, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for growth.

The Advantages of Print Marketing

Standing out in the online space is only one part of the complicated puzzle to making a business successful and influential. Another factor is building a connection with your audience. 

Anyone can create a social media account and follow hundreds of people, but how many people do you form emotional connections with?

For most of us, the number of online followers doesn’t reflect our intense, emotional relationships offline. 

When you’re handed a flyer or personalized brochure, it makes you feel like you matter and someone has put energy into creating the product for you. 

If you want to increase brand awareness for small business brands, then taking advantage of this gesture of connection and using print marketing is the way to go. 

Create a Lasting Impression

As many of us spend more time glued to our computer screens, it’s becoming harder to create sensory experiences in our daily lives.

Even though there are some great aspects to this digital world, such as virtual reality and video games, it’s not the same as an in-person experience.

Print marketing allows you to give your audience something tangible and real. They have more time to process and hold the information in their hands, making your brand more memorable. 

Print Marketing Lasts Longer

If you check your social media pages daily, you’ll notice that it’s almost impossible to catch up with every post and photo. People often overlook brand updates and flick to the next page. 

From a business perspective, this can be harmful to your overall branding. You might have spent hours building a creative content plan for a user to scroll past because there’s too much information online simply. 

With print marketing, the material can last for years. You can put it safely in a drawer or cupboard and look back on it whenever you feel like it.

Plus, if you make them pleasant to look at with beautiful graphics, you can even hang them on your wall as decoration!

Save Money

Online marketing can be expensive if you pay for several advertising platforms and hire freelancers to write frequent content. In theory, you only need paper and a computer to do print marketing. 

Even if you hire a professional service to do your marketing, it will save you money compared to digital marketing. 

Of course, you can always upgrade your print marketing to billboards and other large spaces, but with a limited budget, you can still make this work for your brand. 

Tips for Using Print Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness

Similarly to any other marketing campaign, you need to approach print marketing with the same mindset. First, you should outline your goals and desired outcomes from the advertisements. 

Without a solid strategy, you could invest time and money into products that don’t translate to your target audience. 

So, determining your target audience is next on the list of priorities. You should ask yourself the following questions when creating your ideal customer profile:

  • What is their lifestyle?
  • Do they enjoy lots of graphics?
  • How can we provide a solution to their problem?

That way, you’ll be sure to appeal to your target audience and give them something valuable in their lives. 

Write a Key Message

Although print marketing is a great way to experiment with new ideas and concepts, the last thing you want is to overwhelm your audience with too much information. 

The idea is to make your message clear and compelling while maintaining a concise image. You need to think about your language, keywords, and personalizing the message. 

Don’t Forget the Design

Finally, you want to leave enough time for the design elements. After all, the colors and images are the first things someone will see when they look at a printed advertisement. 

You should consider the placement of logos and color combinations. However, it’s also important to remember that white space can be good.

Leaving some space can help draw attention to critical parts of the product and convey a strong message. 

If this is your first time using print marketing, don’t worry. We can walk you through all the stages of bringing your ideas to life. 

Print Marketing Is Here To Stay

Print marketing is the modern version of writing a letter to a friend. It allows you to talk directly to your audience and build better connections. 

There’s no better way to increase brand awareness in the digital age. Giving your customers a physical souvenir of your brand and something to show their friends will benefit your business in the long term.

Using physical advertisements is a time-tested method that works. Let us bring your ideas to life and make them beautiful. 

You can browse our website and get in touch to hear more about what we can offer you.