Your landscaping truck features your name, contact info, and logo, which is a great way to get your name out to customers as you travel from job site to job site. It can even help you advertise to the cars that pass by while you are working on a lawn. But if you really want to step up and advertise your business – even when you and your truck aren’t there, you should get custom yard signs.

Show off Your Work

When it comes to advertising, there is one important thing that your truck can’t do – show off your work! When you finish perfectly manicuring a customer’s lawn, planting decorating trees, and laying down mulch, plant a small yarn sign near the edge of the yard. It’s like putting your stamp of approval on it. People who pass by will see the beautiful lawn, and then they’ll see your custom sign. This shows potential customers the quality of your work, which has a much bigger impression than the decals on your truck.

Simple to Distribute

Yard signs are a very simple method of advertisement. All you do is place a sign after you are finished with your work.


When you order custom signs in Tampa, FL to advertise your landscaping business, you are showing customers that you are polished and professional. A well-designed yard sign shows that you put thought into your work. It also shows that you take pride in the work you do for your customers.

Contact us today to work with our graphic designers on your own custom yard signs, today. We can also design a beautiful new decal for your work truck.