5 Unique Promo Ideas for Your Small Business in St. Petersburg

promo ideas

Feel like you’ve tried everything to get customers’ attention? Think again. Sure, you’ve done your email marketing campaigns, passed out flyers, and paid for a few online ads. But with so many direct competitors, it can be hard to stand out! That’s why it’s crucial that you add a twist to your marketing campaign. By coming up with some great unique promo ideas, you can catch your audience’s attention and bring more traffic to your business.

So keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll cover five special ideas for your small business in St. Petersburg.

1. Screen Printed Merchandise

It’s no secret that merchandise can be powerful for brand visibility. By slapping your business’s name and/or logo on merchandise, you remind customers of your brand every time they use your merchandise.

But screen printed merchandise can take these benefits to the next level. It might be tempting to simply iron-on laminate onto a bulk order of T-shirts. However, there are far better quality options for merchandise that your customers will appreciate.

After all, the quality of your merchandise could say something about the care your business puts into its products/services. For this reason, you’ll want to use screen printing services when creating merch lines. 

From T-shirts to mugs, screen printing is an incredibly versatile printing option. If you own a restaurant, you can even use screen printing for beer glasses, cups, and more! This way, you’ll encourage brand visibility throughout your customer’s experience.

2. Interactive Social Media

If you’ve got the resources for a young social media intern, then you’ve got a great chance to connect with a digital audience. Unless, you’ve got a niche audience in mind, using social media could be great to attract the right attention to your business.

Younger people are more likely to pay attention to your social media if it has a voice behind it. This doesn’t mean that you have to create a fictionalized character for your social media. But sounding more human and less clinical can warm up a general audience to your online presence and your business in general.

Twitter is a great place to start. It’s a casual, accessible platform that welcomes a broad range of users. But having the attention-grabbing prowess for TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook is also a fantastic benefit!

3. Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a consumer that doesn’t. Giveaways are incredibly useful for a small business that needs to attract new customers.

The best giveaway promotional products are your brand’s products/services. Even a gift card or certificate can work wonders if you’re not sure what to give away. This way, any customers considering your products/services will consider this a risk-free way to try and form an opinion on your business.

Even giveaway entries from those who only wanted freebies can help. If they win and end up loving your products/services, they’ll remember your brand. Although they initially did not plan on following your brand, they will if your business offers something really special.

Requiring giveaway participants to follow your social media can also increase your social media following. A portion of them may unfollow your social media after the giveaway has ended, but a larger portion of them won’t. 

4. Collaborate With Another Brand

Crossing over audiences is a fantastic way to attract customers to your business. So if you can, find another brand that might offer a great collaborative opportunity. As long as they’re not a direct competitor in your industry, both of your brands will experience a mutual increase in your audiences.

Get creative with this idea! For example, you might be a hiking boot company. But by collaborating with a premium art supply store, you can work together to release a boot that makes the best of both brands’ craftsmanship.

You could even combine the idea for a collaboration with an idea for a giveaway. There are plenty of joint brand giveaways that incentivize followers to improve both brands’ following while giving away products/services from both businesses.

5. Public Art Commissions

This idea is most viable if you’ve got a physical store and an empty wall all to yourself. If you do, then it’s a great idea to commission an artist to paint a mural over it. Combining local artistic talent with branding is a great way to set your business apart.

A public mural won’t only look stunning for any onlookers. It will also create a view that’s hard to forget for locals, especially if they often pass by your business. This way, you’ll catch potential customers’ attention more easily and lead them into your business.

Not only that, but it can act as a local landmark that has a life of its own while being conceptually intertwined with your business. While this might seem like a negative “perk”, this can improve your business’s brand building. Your business will become even closer to the community it’s connected to.

Promo Ideas to Let Your Brand Grow!

When you have a small business, it can be difficult grabbing your audience’s attention. But with a little creativity and strategic prowess, you can let unique promo ideas help your brand grow!

At Big T Printing and Embroidery, we know how important quality products are for a business. That’s why we offer expert screen printing and embroidery services for smart business owners in St. Petersburg such as you! So if you’re a local business owner and need printed apparel or merchandise, contact us today.