Custom Yard Signs in Tampa, FL – The Best Way to Advertise Landscaping Services

Custom Yard Signs in Tampa, FL – The Best Way to Advertise Landscaping Services

fyjhYour landscaping truck features your name, contact info, and logo, which is a great way to get your name out to customers as you travel from job site to job site. It can even help you advertise to the cars that pass by while you are working on a lawn. But if you really want to step up and advertise your business – even when you and your truck aren’t there, you should get custom yard signs.

Show off Your Work

When it comes to advertising, there is one important thing that your truck can’t do – show off your work! When you finish perfectly manicuring a customer’s lawn, planting decorating trees, and laying down mulch, plant a small yarn sign near the edge of the yard. It’s like putting your stamp of approval on it. People who pass by will see the beautiful lawn, and then they’ll see your custom sign. This shows potential customers the quality of your work, which has a much bigger impression than the decals on your truck.

Simple to Distribute

Yard signs are a very simple method of advertisement. All you do is place a sign after you are finished with your work.


When you order custom signs in Tampa, FL to advertise your landscaping business, you are showing customers that you are polished and professional. A well-designed yard sign shows that you put thought into your work. It also shows that you take pride in the work you do for your customers.

Contact us today to work with our graphic designers on your own custom yard signs, today. We can also design a beautiful new decal for your work truck.


Pro-Tips – Designing Custom T-Shirts for your Employees

Pro-Tips – Designing Custom T-Shirts for your Employees

Apparel Printing GalleryWhen you are running a business, you want to make sure that your employees are well-dressed for the customers. For most businesses, that means a uniform, which can be anything from business attire to a branded t-shirt. If your business is retail, or a more relaxed food-service establishment, a well-designed branded t-shirt is an ideal solution. Not only is it cost effective, but it also advertises your brand. Here are some tips for designing custom screen-printed t-shirts for employee uniforms.

Bold Color Contrast

Employee uniforms should make them stand out so that customers can easily identify them when they need help. This does not mean that you need to dress everyone in shocking neon colors, but does mean that the t-shirts should be easy to read from a distance. Choose a color that fits in with your other branding – for example, if your logo is red, the shirts should be red or have red somewhere on them.

Make It Obvious

It should be very obvious that your employee works at your business. The color choice and company name, as mentioned above, are a great start. For an added touch, you can add things like “STAFF” to the back of the shirts so that customers can tell who is an employee and who is not even the employee is facing away from them.

Quality is Key

Your hard-working employees need a uniform that stands up to their daily tasks, so you’ll need to get your uniforms from a quality print shop like Big T Printing. Big T is your source for custom screen-printed t-shirts in Clearwater, FL and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to work with our graphic design team on your new employee uniforms.

How to Design Eye-Catching Promotional Products

How to Design Eye-Catching Promotional Products

imagesAside from providing high quality products and/or services, brand awareness is the most important aspect of running a business. It doesn’t matter how great your company is if no one knows who you are. That’s where promotional products in Tampa, FL come in. It’s an easy way to get brand recognition by providing current and potential customers with a useful item that bears your company name and logo.  Every time a customer uses your promotional pen, mug, or mousepad, they will think of your company – if it’s eye-catching enough. Use this short guide to develop promotional products that will plant your name in your customer’s mind.

Clear, Bold Fonts

Even if the promotional item is small, like a pen, it is important to make sure your company name stands out and is clearly legible. You’ll also want to put either a website, address, or phone number beneath your company name in a smaller, but still legible font, so that your customers know how to find your business. You want your customer to read your company name every single time they use your product.

Clear Logo

Your logo should reflect what you do in a way that is instantly recognizable. For example, a medical practice might use a stethoscope or a caduceus, and a car rental business may use the image of a car or a set of car keys. Your customer should be able to get an idea of what kind of business you run without needing to do additional research.


Clear color contrasts are important to make sure that your name and logo pop. Pick a light background color, and a dark font color that complement each other, or a dark background and light font. Navy blue or black on white is a good example of color contrast that works well.

USA Flag Proceeds to be Donated

USA Flag Proceeds to be Donated20161108_161509

On this historical Election Day, Big T Printing is excited to announce that for the month of November, all proceeds from our Embroidered U.S. Flag offering will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Embroidered U.S. Flag Offering

In the effort to increase awareness and promote patriotism, we at Big T Printing have launched an American Flag campaign.  We would like to do our part in giving the community an opportunity to show their support for the U.S.  We are offering to embroider a U.S. Flag on any shirt order for only $1 each.

Catch Their Attention with Custom Signs

Catch Their Attention with Custom Signs

jfutWhen you’re running a local campaign, getting voters’ attention can be difficult. You may think that running expensive ad campaigns on TV and in the paper is easiest solution, but there are other, less expensive ways to get your name out there – like custom signs in Tampa, FL. Yard signs are a great way to catch the attention of passing traffic. Conscientious voters who have never heard of you will likely go home and look up your name for more information about your policies. So what do you need to create a great campaign sign?

Bold Lettering

You need to use lettering that will stand out from a distance. Using a simple font in white over a dark background will be the easiest to see.

Information to Include

When you create a campaign sign, you can’t put a lot of information on it. Passersby must be able to read and absorb the information very quickly. The best way to create a campaign sign is simply to put your name and the position you are running for. It is best not to include information about your party, because voters might ignore your sign based on their own party bias. The ideal situation is when a voter sees your name without any party affiliation and then looks into your campaign for more information. This means that those voters will make a more informed decision, and you may also receive more votes across party lines.


Distribute the signs to your supporters so they can do the advertising for you. Those that are already planning on voting for you will place the sign prominently in their yard where other, possibly undecided, voters will see it.

Big T Printing can make beautiful, eye-catching signs for your campaign. Contact us today to get started!

The Benefits of Promotional Products

Marketing Materials GalleryWe guarantee that somewhere in your desk drawers or pen cups you have a pen with the name of a prescription medication on it. You likely have no idea where it came from. Perhaps it was given to you to sign a document and you accidentally walked away with it. We can also guarantee that no matter how it came to you, you know the name of that prescription. After all, you have to look at it every time you use the pen. Are you going to go out and purchase the medication? Probably not, considering you probably don’t have the condition it’s meant to treat. The pen was most likely created for doctors to use so that when they come across a patient with that condition they will be more likely to prescribe that particular medication.

So consider your audience. Promotional pens are not strictly in the realm of the pharmaceutical industry – and promotional products don’t necessarily have to be pens, either. You can choose from pens, mouse pads, coffee mugs, stress balls, you name it. Consider the type of customer you want to attract with your promotional product and choose what you think they will most enjoy.

The benefits are simple to explain: every time the recipient uses the promotional product, they will see the name of your business. Because promotional products are given out for free, they will probably form a positive association with your business. Therefore, when the need for your services arises, they will most likely think of you first.

Remember to choose an item that is necessary and frequently used, like a pen or mouse pad. You should also make sure that the name of your business or your logo clearly conveys the type of services that you offer. And you should also remember that when you need promotional products in Tampa, FL, the best place to go is Big T Printing.

We support the flag – One at a time

Embroidered U.S. flag campaign.

Embroidered U.S. flag campaign.

In the effort to increase awareness and promote patriotism, we at Big T Printing have launched an American Flag campaign.  We would like to do our part in giving the community an opportunity to show their support for the U.S.  We are offering to embroider a U.S. Flag on any shirt order for only $1.

“As a Veteran, the flag represents many of my core values.  As a father of four, I want my children to see me stand up for those values.  At a time when public figures are choosing to not stand for the National Anthem, I felt it was my time to stand up for America and the symbols which represent our freedom.  A BIG thank you to all of the men and women who have served our Country.  I truly appreciate your service.”  Todd Moore – U.S. Army Veteran – Owner, Big T Printing

How to Brainstorm a Great Logo for Your Business

How to Brainstorm a Great Logo for Your Business

When you are first starting your business, designing the perfect logo can seem like a challenging task. While it may not be easy, there are steps you can take during the brainstorming process that will help you put together a logo that perfectly represents your business.

What are you selling?

Think about the main product or service that your business provides. This will be your starting point. Now think of an image that best represents that product or service. A great logo needs to give the viewer a basic understanding of what your business does.  For example, a coffee shop may use coffee beans, a steaming mug, or even a coffee stain in their logo.

What is the name of your business?jhftjh

If you can’t think of an image that you like enough to put on your logo, think about the name of your business. Does it involve a fun play on words that can be turned into a visual pun? Does the name contain an animal or plant? For example, an internet marketing company called Purple Monkey might use an image of a purple monkey in their logo.

What is the tone of your business?

Is your business fun and relaxed or serious? This is an important question to ask yourself when designing a logo. A printing business may use a fun, colorful design for their logo, while a law firm will utilize clean lines and a more utilitarian image.

Whatever logo design you decide on, you can always get amazing promotional products in Tampa, FL from Big T Printing. Having trouble thinking of a design? We also have a team of graphic designer to help you out! Visit for more information, today.

The Benefits of Custom Embroidered Uniforms for Your Sports Team

The Benefits of Custom Embroidered Uniforms for Your Sports Team

Besides their athletic abilities, the things that really make a team stand out from the crowd are the uniforms. Whether it’s for a school sports team, and intramural league, or the company softball team, you want uniforms with bold colors, clean lines, and – most importantly – the team name and/or logo. Getting your uniforms professionally embroidered can really help your team look professional. But that isn’t the only thing these professionally made uniforms can do.

Increases Team Morale

BEmbroidery Galleryeing part of a team is a really special experience. You get a chance to bond with other people over a shared goal. Sports teams have the unique ability to create lifelong friendships, as well as create a network for players to advance in their sport. Having professional-looking uniforms makes team members feel more important, which can increase morale. Every coach knows that the higher the spirits of their team can rise, the better they play.

Creates a Recognizable Image for Fans

Having uniforms with your team colors and logos helps fans recognize your team. A recognizable team image will enable fans to show their support with signs and other merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies, and can actually increase excitement for your fans. Everyone who loves sports loves showing off their favorite teams with their clothing and other accessories.

When you need custom embroidery in Tampa, FL and the surrounding area for your team uniforms, trust the professionals at We can also help you create team merchandise for your fans! Visit today for details.

Gear Wall Install – Canterbury Makerspace

Canterbury School of Florida Gear Wall - Makerspace

Canterbury School of Florida Gear Wall – Makerspace

“Design, Create, Innovate” – This is Canterbury School of Florida’s motto for their new Makerspace.  What is a “makerspace”?  Well, just think of it as the ultimate garage for any thing you want to do.  This is a special place where students can go to think, dream, wonder, and collaborate with others to design and create new ideas.  Once the idea is identified, the student then has “the ultimate garage” of resources available to design and create the object.  From robotics to textiles.  From computer code to crayons.  The Makerspace has the tools and resources available.  Wow, the sandbox has changed!

Big T Printing was given the honor to design, create, and INSTALL a “Gear Wall” design for this new space.  Here you can check out the install video in time lapse.