How to Assemble a Branded Corporate Gift Set

corporate gift set

Eighty percent of customers stated that they would do business with a particular brand after receiving regular gifts from them. This percentage increases even more if the gift is personalized. Corporate gifts are a terrific way to make an impression on your employees and clients alike. They can help build new leads and retain current customers while also helping recognize employee efforts. Assembling a corporate gift set can be a fantastic use of promotional items for enhancing your brand awareness as well. 

Want to learn more about how to assemble a branded corporate gift set with maximum impact? Then keep reading below for helpful tips and insights.

Determine Your Gifting Audience and Purpose

The types of corporate gifts you choose can vary based on the unique gifting purpose. You also need to establish who the gift recipients are. 

For example, you could be giving a corporate gift set as an employee recognition gift for a milestone work anniversary. You could also give a corporate gift set as a client appreciation gift. You may even choose to give out corporate gifts for a specific event, like a holiday.

Once you’ve determined your gifting audience and the purpose of the gift, you can delve deeper into the corporate gifting process. Examine the gift recipient’s demographics, preferences, and interests. This will help you tailor your corporate gift set to meet these areas.

Set a Corporate Gifting Theme and Budget

Setting a corporate gifting budget is the next step. You want to ensure your gift is seen as thoughtful without being too cheap or breaking the bank altogether.

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), spending for an individual gift ranges between $25 to $125 per corporate gift. The average budget is between $75 to $100. However, the total budget can vary based on individual gifting versus group gifting.

Your gifting budget can fluctuate based on the theme you choose for your corporate gift set as well. You may want to offer different themed corporate gifts based on unique themes like:

  • Executive desk sets
  • Wellness self-care sets
  • Technology and productivity sets

You’ll want to ensure that you have a nice assortment of gifts in your corporate gift set within your budget. Pick and choose promotional products that complement each other to round out your gift sets.

Select Your Corporate Gift Items

When selecting items for your corporate gift set, you’ll want to focus on items that are relevant, useful, and high-quality. They should align with your company’s core values while also meeting the needs of the recipients. 

In a study done by Coresight of 300 corporate gift-givers, 27% reported giving apparel as a corporate gift. 42% of these survey respondents reported giving everyday branded products as a part of their corporate gifts.  

Some examples of corporate gifts could include:

  • Custom apparel
  • Writing instruments
  • Drinkware

Corporate swag bags make excellent corporate gifts to send to remote employees. It helps boost employee morale and establishes a feeling of connectedness. This can also help improve company loyalty.

Add Your Corporate Branding

What’s a corporate gift without your company’s unique brand? You want to make your mark on employees, clients, and customers, and your corporate brand is the best way to do this. Logos and brand colors help reinforce brand recognition and consistency.

For example, screen printing is an excellent way to add your custom corporate branding to items like t-shirts. It provides a clean and consistent quality design every time. This, in turn, adds to the positive perception of your gift recipient’s impression of your brand. 

To match items like hats, jackets, and polos to your screen-printed t-shirt logos, consider using long-lasting embroidery. Custom embroidery is a great complement to other items in your corporate gift set selection.

Customize Items in Your Corporate Gift Set

A little bit of customization can go a long way with gift recipients. Putting a recipient’s name directly onto the gift shows that you care. You’re not just gifting something from a bulk order of corporate gifts; you’re giving something with that particular recipient in mind. 

You can also include details such as the recipient’s job title if the gift is to commemorate a new promotion. A personalized message is also a nice touch to instill a sense of belonging and recognition.

Include a Handwritten Note

In the busy corporate world, it’s always go, go, go! But when it comes to corporate gifting, even the smallest details matter. That’s why including a handwritten note with your corporate gift set is always a good idea. 

You’re taking the time to acknowledge the person receiving the gift. This can mean a lot amidst the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced corporate world.

Be sure to acknowledge the person by name and include a special detail that shows you’ve been paying attention to them. For instance, making mention of the number of years they’ve been an employee or client or congratulating them on a specific accomplishment.

Pack and Distribute Your Corporate Gifts

Now comes the final step in assembling a branded corporate gift set, the packing. Carefully examine each item to make sure it passes the test for quality and consistency.

Choose attractive packaging and wrapping to complement your gift items and enhance the gifting experience. Arrange these items in the packaging in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. 

You must also take great care to ensure your items are sufficiently protected if you need to ship these items. Wrap fragile items like coffee mugs and glassware to prevent breakage in transit.

If you plan to distribute your corporate gifts by a certain date, check production times and shipping deadlines ahead of time to guarantee your items will arrive by then.

Elevate Your Corporate Promotional Items with Big T Printing Today

A corporate gift set can do so much for both you and your gift recipients. When you’ve taken the time to select and personalize your corporate gifts, it can have a positive impact all around. It’s the perfect marriage of thoughtful selection, effective branding, and methodical presentation.

Big T Printing can help you make corporate gifts you can be proud of. We specialize in screen printing and embroidery, as well as a stunning array of custom promotional items. We strive to provide you with the highest level of customer service.

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