Although most people think of golf as an individual sport, golf teams are relatively common in high school and college sports. As with any sports team, golf teams need uniforms that look sharp, and identify them as a part of a team. The standard polo shirt in your school colors is great, but getting custom embroidery in Clearwater, FL can give your uniforms the perfect finishing touch.

Polished Look

Adding custom embroidery to your golf team’s polo shirts gives your team a more polished look overall. Even if it’s a high school team, the embroidered school logo and team name will make your players look more professional and sharply dressed.

Add Individuality

Embroidery is also a great way to add individuality to your uniforms. You may be a team, but individual contributions to the team are important, too. Adding the player’s last name under the embroidered team logo is a great option for personalizing your uniforms.

High Quality Design Work

When you need high quality design work for your golf team uniforms, look no further than Big T Printing. Our team brings more than 30 years of experience to each project, producing only the best quality custom embroidery work. You can also work with our graphic design team to iron out all of the small details in your design. Contact us today for more information, or stop into our print shop in St. Petersburg, Florida.