Team Spotlight – Carly Beaulieu

Team Spotlight – Carly Beaulieu 

A true rockstar since day #1.

For almost a year now, our whole team at Big T Printing has had the joy of working with Carly. She has an unbelievable work ethic and never ceases to bring the energy. In our line of work, we deal with tons of unique, amazing people, and Carly works relentlessly striving to make each and every person happy. Through communication and attention to detail, she is able to listen to everyone’s needs so that they feel good about the work we are doing for them and are excited about the final product. From handling large orders to discussing even the finest details, she is a true professional. 

We operate at a very high level at Big T Printing and Carly is able to match what we are looking for each and every day. Her determination is contagious and her work ethic is outstanding. Yes, if you were wondering, creating this for her is nothing short of a pleasure for us. 

Fitting into our team was seamless for Carly due to her amazing sense of humor and ability to keep things light even when a stressful situation occurs, which is always appreciated. Each day presents a challenge and Carly tackles them head-on. 

The future for her on our team is amazingly bright and we are so grateful to have her on our side! Here’s to many more great times, laughs, and successes!