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Get Ready for Spring Sports Season!

Get Ready for Spring Sports Season!

Look great while cheering on your favorite local team!

We are rapidly approaching the end of February, which means only one thing – spring sports season is practically here! It is the time of year where athletes who have been training hard over the past couple of months can showcase their new skills in front of friends, family members, and spirited fans who will cheer hard from the first whistle to the end of the game. Sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, and track and field are gearing up, so if you know you will be watching some of these competitions, show the athletes how much you care by wearing apparel that supports the team!  Continue reading

Gear Wall Install – Canterbury Makerspace

Canterbury School of Florida Gear Wall - Makerspace

Canterbury School of Florida Gear Wall – Makerspace

“Design, Create, Innovate” – This is Canterbury School of Florida’s motto for their new Makerspace.  What is a “makerspace”?  Well, just think of it as the ultimate garage for any thing you want to do.  This is a special place where students can go to think, dream, wonder, and collaborate with others to design and create new ideas.  Once the idea is identified, the student then has “the ultimate garage” of resources available to design and create the object.  From robotics to textiles.  From computer code to crayons.  The Makerspace has the tools and resources available.  Wow, the sandbox has changed!

Big T Printing was given the honor to design, create, and INSTALL a “Gear Wall” design for this new space.  Here you can check out the install video in time lapse.