Let Us Design Eye-Catching Custom Banners in St. Petersburg, FL for Your Next Event

When planning an event, finding the proper decorations is important. Whether you’re organizing a charity 5K, a church bazaar, a flea market, or any other kind of event having well-designed custom banners in St. Petersburg, FL is important.


The right banner is great for grabbing the attention of a crowd both indoors and out. You can use custom banners in St. Petersburg, FL for a variety of functions within the event:

  • Advertising the Event – A big banner at the entrance of your event with the name, tagline, address, dates, and times of the event can draw more people to your event. It also lets guests know that they have arrived at the correct place. You can even place these banners in areas surrounding your venue to advertise to the people in nearby towns.
  • Directing the Flow – You can also create custom banners to act as guideposts for guests. Use them over the entrance of tents to advertise activities, shows, or indicate food stations and restrooms. Eye-catching banners are a great way to let guests know where they need to go.
  • Sponsorship/Causes – Is your event sponsored? Does it support a local charity? Use banners to show guests this information so they know why this event is taking place. It’s also a great way to advertise sponsors – especially if the sponsor is allowing guests to enjoy this event for free.


Well-designed custom banners create a sense of cohesion at your venue. No matter where a guest travels within the venue, they are aware that they are still at your event. Having a single, cohesive design or theme throughout the venue also makes for a more attractive scene for your guests to enjoy.


Creating custom banners makes the event look more official. Not utilizing this resource makes events look thrown together last minute or low-budget. Guests are more likely to support events that look official – so making the extra effort will help you get more attention at your event.


When you work with the graphic design team at Big T, creating custom banners in St. Petersburg, FL is simple. We can help you turn your ideas into a reality – or even help you come up with ideas if you need some help with the design process. Contact us today for more information about creating custom banners and signs for your next event.