Get Custom Embroidered Caps for Your Employees

If your business is in the food service industry, you’ll need to provide some kind of covering for your employees’ head to keep hair out of the food. While a hairnet is a good solution, a customized hat can make a more professional impression on customers – especially in restaurant environments where customers can watch their food or beverages being made.  Big T Printing offers custom embroidery in Tampa, FL so that you can create professional uniforms for your employees.


Big T Printing boasts more than 100 Madeira thread colors, meaning that your new caps are completely customizable. Choose a color scheme that matches the signature colors of your business, and then add your company name and/or logo. Your team will look sharp in their new, customized caps.


We specialize in high quality embroidery work, so your team will look sharp. When you receiver custom embroidery in Tampa, FL from Big T, you can show your customers that you pay attention to detail when it comes to how your team is dressed. It also implies that the level of attention to detail extends to their food preparation.

Professionally outfitted employees make your business look more professional than if you simply required your crew to don hairnets for their shifts.

More Attractive

Baseball style caps are much more attractive than a simple hairnet. Not only is it another opportunity to display your company name and logo, but it is also more appealing to customers.

Customers are more likely to dine in a restaurant where the staff is dressed sharply, so it pays to take extra care with employee uniforms. While hairnets get the job done, a professionally designed cap shows that you care about your company’s appearance, and therefore must care about the quality of your food.

Work With Our Graphic Design Team

The graphic design team here at Big T will ensure that you get the most out of your custom embroidery in Tampa, FL. If you need any assistance with the design of your embroidered caps, we are here to help. Contact us today to place your order.