Customer Spotlight – The Big Catch at Salt Creek

Customer Spotlight – The Big Catch at Salt Creek

Fresh Gulf Seafood for Both Boaters and Landlubbers Alike.

If you spend a day in Saint Petersburg, one of the main aspects that you will notice is the fact that there are a ton of restaurants. One of our favorite restaurants, The Big Catch at Salt Creek pays tribute to its Florida roots and presents a menu filled with a wealth of local delicacies. Whether you adore seafood or not, The Big Catch offers a wealth of fantastic options and is operated by some of the best people in the business. 

Over the past few years, our Big T Family has had the pleasure of working with Larry Munch and were so excited once we learned that we would have the opportunity to work with him on The Big Catch at Salt Creek. We had the opportunity to provide tees for his kitchen staff, beautiful, vibrant shirts for his waitstaff, and even koozies

All of the owners, Jon, Mario, and Larry are local guys and care deeply about showing the world what delicious, Florida cooking tastes like. Not only are they incredibly friendly and passionate people, but their staff is the same exact way. Each person cares deeply about providing an amazing experience for diners to enjoy each and every night. 

From the tasty dishes to refreshing drinks to unbelievable views, if you are on the hunt for a true Florida culinary experience, look no further than our friends over at The Big Catch at Salt Creek. Here’s to many more fun Tees and koozies!