Customer Spotlight – Oman Construction

Customer Spotlight – Oman Construction

A great company fueled by an exceptional leader with a powerful mission.

When you work in the wide world of printing, you are presented with the opportunity to meet many different people with unique passions in life. The products that those very people ask us to create are just as special as they are from hats to shirts to signs and banners. One of the organizations that we have had the pleasure of working with multiple times is Oman Construction out of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Since our relationship began many years ago, we have had the joy of embroidering polos and hats for Oman Construction as well as screen printing tees and creating stationery, envelopes, business cards, and more for them. Every time Chris and Christine Oman make their way into our shop, they are sporting a friendly smile and a desire to spread their company’s branding in a smart and impactful way.









Oman Construction offers many fantastic services that include pre-construction, construction management, general contracting, and design-build services. Their many years of experience working in the Tampa Bay Area has allowed them to gain an edge on their competition and make a positive impact on the surrounding communities. 

The whole Big T family deeply appreciates the strong relationship that we have built with Oman Construction and are excited for the future with them on our side. We are always ready to screen print your t-shirts and embroider your polos. Here’s to many more years of business together!