Customer Spotlight – First Tee St. Petersburg

Customer Spotlight – First Tee St. Petersburg

More than a sports program for kids and teens.

Our community is filled with many incredible organizations focused on improving each and every individual and one of those that is helping young children learn all about leadership and the game of golf is The First Tee of St. Petersburg. They are the leading youth development program in the area that uses golf as a vehicle to help teach valuable life skills. Each and every day, they strive to help young people of all backgrounds develop strong character, enhance their life values, and support education through golf. They have nine very important core values that they teach their First Tee kids. Those are:

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Sportsmanship
  4. Respect
  5. Confidence
  6. Responsibility
  7. Perseverance
  8. Courtesy
  9. Judgment

By sharing these important character traits with the local kids through golf, they are setting their futures up for success. Our Big T Printing Team is very passionate about the work that First Tee St. Petersburg does and admire their dedication to helping our local kids grow both on and off the course. 

Since our core values align with theirs very closely, each opportunity we have to work with the First Tee team is a thrill. We have helped fuel their amazing work for years by assisting them on projects and are excited to continue doing so for years to come. 

It is always a joy having a fantastic relationship with great people and that is exactly what we have with The First Tee of St. Petersburg. We adore golf and appreciate the unique way that they enhance the play of local kids while helping them become phenomenal people in the future. Here’s to many more projects and opportunities to make the place we call home better every day!